Positive Feedback

I had never done Pranayama Yoga before but was interested in its concentration on breathing, relaxation and inner calm as well as the physical movements. Sandi has a wonderfully welcoming attitude to all her students and wants them to get the most out of their hour and a half with her. She encourages everyone to go just as far as it is right for them at that time and there is no pressure, disharmony or stress whilst she leads the class. Everyone in our class has made great progress over the years; improving flexibility.....and importantly looking so much better when they leave compared to when they arrived!! (The inner calm is working!!) I recommend spending an hour and a half with Sandi! ”

Angela Dymoke

"It is a pleasure to come to Sandi's Pranayama Yoga classes. This type of Yoga is a new experience for me. I appreciate her knowledge and guidance, Sandi connects in a personal way with loving kindness - which gives more meaning to each session. I find it calming and soothing and practising the postures have helped with my flexibility. My energy is rebalanced after each session."

Mary Barrett

“I would like to say a very big thank you to Alessandra for introducing me to Pranayama Yoga. I have only been going to her classes for a few months, but already feel the benefit. My main reason for choosing this type of Yoga was not only to strengthen and stretch my core and limbs, but also for the breathing exercises which make it very different from many other types of yoga. Alessandra is a very patient and understanding teacher who sees each of us as individuals giving advice as and when needed.”

Judith MacTaggart

“I started Pranayama yoga - recently I was drawn to the combination of exercise and breath-work. From the first session I felt at ease. Sandi has a lovely warm personality and is a really good teacher. I like the way she talks through the movements, and guides us with the breathing. I am so pleased with the progress I have made. I always look forward to the calm and tranquillity of the Yoga studio on Tuesday mornings. I leave feeling re energised and ready for the days ahead.”


“So I wrote this whilst sitting on a bus travelling between San Pedro de Atacama in Chile and Salta in Argentina. It was a 10 hour journey through the Andes Mountains with some of the most breath taking and amazing views! They inspired me to finally write this as I was feeling so positive and happy and Pranayama Yoga has played a massive part in me feeling like that! “When I started Yoga after being told by a chiropractor that it would help with a long term back problem, I would never have imagined how it would change me and my life. Firstly the breathing and relaxation exercises have allowed me to sleep better than I have since I was a care free child! I can use the techniques to control my fear of heights which has allowed me to do so many things that I wouldn't have been able to do before taking up Yoga. Also the confidence in controlling my breathing has helped my sporting achievements - I can run faster and further and have also learnt to swim long distances with my face in the water. As for my body there are so many changes and improvements that I really can't believe it's the same me! My core strength has improved so much that I can do a head stand! And my posture when I sit, walk and stand is improved that I rarely suffer with my bad back. I was previously in constant pain every day. I have also managed to regain movement in one shoulder that I injured over 15 years ago. As well as improved flexibility and strength around my whole body. When I started Pranayama Yoga, Sandi would say "you will be able to do...." I would always think "that's never going to happen" and sure enough I can!  Pranayama really has changed my life, my ability to deal with things and my confidence and patience when dealing with others. Sandi is a pleasure to learn from and I can't thank her enough!”

Mark Roberts