Compliments in Print

Birlingham Bystander

In February 2008, I introduced Pranayama Yoga at the village hall. The response to this form of Yoga was remarkable and we still have a loyal and dedicated group today. Pranayama is a gentle Yoga and helps to calm down the mind and then the body, eliminating mental and physical tension.

We start the class with a ‘slip second’ formula which teaches how to clear the mind at will and reduce mental tension. This is followed by foundation breathing exercises that reduce irregularities formed through tension in the respiratory system. After the breathing exercises, we learn a unique sequence of physical exercises. These keep the body supple, improve concentration, blood circulation and stimulates the glands. The movements help to exercise all the muscles in the body including stiff and neglected limbs. Also every vertebra is thoroughly exercised. Just as the ‘slip second’ provides mental energy, deep relaxation at the end of the class gives the body physical energy.

Yoga has given me so much over the last 13 years. I thought one day I would like to give some back and teach it. I feel very privileged to be teaching in Birlingham and would like to thank my group for their support with my first class.

Here is what they think of Pranayama Yoga:

“Wish I started years ago”
“It helps to stave off old age”
“Best thing I have done for years”
“It gives me a feeling of well-being”
“It is relaxing and at the same time invigorating”
“I always leave the class feeling tranquil and re-energised”
“It’s helping to teach me to focus on what’s really important in life”