It is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Pranayama Yoga is the 'art of relaxation' and is a means of achieving peace of mind. It enables you to have the energy to cope with all the demands made upon you and to face them with serenity. It is a way of life.

Although Yoga originated in India 6000 years ago, its teaching is highly relevant to western life. In our competitive modern life, most people do not know how to relax properly and have lost their peace of mind.

Pranayama Yoga allows you to work with your 'whole being', mentally, physically and emotionally. The 'slip second' is a mental relaxation exercise that teaches us to clear the mind at will and eliminate mental tension. The breath work helps to calm the nervous system and feeds our organs and cells. The first movements of Pranayama Yoga works on your whole being; inside and out. The deep relaxation is a physical relaxation and allows the body to completely relax.

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