And this is me!

I first started practising Pranayama Yoga in 1996 and found it life-enhancing. I wanted to share my positive experience with others and in 2002 I received one-to-one tutoring in readiness to teach the movements, breathing and philosophy of Pranayama Yoga.

In 2008 Valerie Johnson, my teacher, certified that I was ready to take my own classes and I began teaching in Worcestershire. In 2002 I completed a course of instruction with the British School of Yoga (BSY) and received a Diploma and I am on the BSY Register as a Graduate Member.

I became drawn more to Pranayama Yoga because of its originality and pureness. It focuses on relaxing the whole being - mind and body - through breathing, physical exercises and relaxation methods. My belief is that the mind and body move together and that one affects the other.

Pranayama Yoga works on creating a healthy mind and body; keeping your physical self flexible and your emotional self able to remain relaxed and aware in all circumstances. My aim is to help you achieve more well-being in your life and bring a more calm and positive outlook. I was involved in reproducing the fourth edition of The Art of Relaxation by Yogini Sunita plus a CD audio book and accompanying MP3 audio files which are now available from

Meditation is also a major part of my life and I practise daily. Elements of this positive practise are incorporated into my classes. I look forward to working with you on your journey to the self!