Alessandra Quaglieri

I first started practising Pranayama Yoga in 1996 and found it life-enhancing. I wanted to share my positive experience with others. In 2002 I received one-to-one tutoring in readiness to teach the movements, breathing and philosophy of Pranayama Yoga.

In 2008 Valerie Johnson (my tutor) certified that I was ready to take my own classes and I began teaching in Worcestershire. In 2002 I completed a course of instruction with the British School of Yoga (BSY) and received a Diploma. I am now on the BSY Register as a Graduate Member.

I have always been drawn more to Pranayama Yoga because of its pureness and authenticity. It focuses on relaxing the whole being; mind and body through breathing, physical exercises and relaxation methods. My belief is that the mind and body move together and that one affects the other.

Pranayama Yoga works on creating a healthy mind and body; keeping your physical self flexible and your emotional self able to remain calm and aware in all circumstances.

In 2012 I was involved in reproducing the fourth edition of The Art of Relaxation by Yogini Sunita. The first edition was produced in 1966 and I was able to integrate the three editions into one. Also I reproduced the original vinyl onto a CD, an audio book and accompanying MP3 audio files. This naturally let me to re-create Sunita's website in her legacy and all these resources are available from

Meditation is also a major part of my life and I practice daily. Elements of this positive practice are incorporated into my Meditation classes.