The Art of Relaxation, for Centuries.

Yogi Krishna not only originated but also 'lived' Pranayama Yoga. He was born in Benares, India 6000 years ago. This was the era in Hindu civilisation when all forms of Yoga came into existence. He lived the philosophy he taught and believed in. He was the greatest exponent of 'living in the moment', 'doing one thing at a time' and periodically 'detaching himself from reality in order to face it. This 'pure theme' was passed onwards from one Yogi to another, its preservation remained undiluted, untarnished.

Narainswami, the greatest exponent of Pranayama Yoga in the East and India. He was eighty six years old, but his brow was as clear as a child's. People travelled from all over India to see him.They found it difficult to believe that the power of this simple philosophy contained so much wisdom. Narainswami was Yogini Sunita's teacher. In 1947, she became a pupil of the celebrated Tibetan Yogi, Narainswami and was one of the only five exponents of Pranayama Yoga in the world.

Yogini Sunita brought Pranayama Yoga to this country in 1959 and soon found that Yoga Relaxation was needed even more in the western world. Working with private pupils, in industry and with local education authorities finally led her in 1962 to form the Yoga Relaxation Centre for Great Britain. Students of Physical Yoga, Relaxation Yoga, Breath Control and Meditation came from over this country and from abroad to her Studio.

In 1965 she wrote a book, non-religious and non-political, showing how tension can be eliminated and peace of mind gained by adapting this eastern art to western life.

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